first list of photo stocks with a huge customer base

The first in our list of photo stocks is the largest stock to date with a huge customer base and a high level of sales. Focused on selling new images. The leader in the number of photo purchases, and accordingly-and the level of earnings of authors. Photostocks, microstocks, photobanks — what is their difference?
Microstock and photostock, in fact, are not differentiated-these are sites where works are sold at relatively low prices with contributions to the authors in the amount of a few cents to tens of dollars. Works here are sold an infinite number of times for different types of licenses. The authors of works on them, do not have to be professionals. Relatively young, but actively developing microstock. It is one of the best options for beginners who want to gain experience before collaborating with larger photo stocks.
Well-designed and user-friendly interface in Russian will allow you to quickly get used to the site. The largest photostock (in the archive more than 50 million images), specializing in working with regular subscribers, buy pictures in bulk. Registration at Canva or Dreamstime is free, subscription plan for a month from traditional photobanks review at site has traditionally cost $249 for image buyers at Shutterstock, at the time of writing there is a discount and the price is reduced to $149: still not cheap, but for this money you can download 25 frames daily, regardless of their size and method of graphical representation.
A similar subscription under the extended license (for circulation of 250,000 copies) will cost $1019.
The site supports 20 languages, including Russian, Finnish and Thai. But the payment options are limited to manipulations with the Bank account, it will not be possible to use various kinds of electronic wallets. To purchase images, you must register and choose a subscription rate. Without registration, the price on the site can not be viewed, you can find out about them only by writing an e-mail or calling the sales Department.
In my opinion, this photobank is not suitable for small media, Internet sites and designers, and is suitable only for large news agencies, publications and media. Images of this kind may not be used for advertising or commercial purposes, that is, in the creation of commercial websites, banners or brochures, various kinds of packaging and television commercials. They are intended for descriptive purposes, such as books or articles to illustrate a problem or question. To search in a huge database of photobank implemented search tools.
A suitable photo (or other content) can be searched using keywords (preferably in English – more choice), additionally indicating how to display search results. The youngest photo Bank of the presented, includes more than 36 million images, has a flexible system of subscriptions (as well as their cancellation) and is suitable for those who are willing to pay, but do not want to overpay.
Also, free registration, for real money in this case, not the images themselves are purchased, but points: the minimum payment is $14 (10 points). The cost of a monthly subscription varies from $20 to $640 depending on the number and size of frames of interest. You can use for payment as a Bank account, and WebMoney, PayPal.

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