2How to buy Viagra without a prescription?

How to buy Viagra without a prescription?
Tell me please, is Viagra sold by prescription or not? votcv.com Can I buy Viagra without a prescription?
First of all, let's briefly state why a recipe is needed at all. Until the middle of the twentieth century, almost all drugs were sold only by prescription. This was due to the fact that the vast majority of medicines were made directly in pharmacies. These were not tablets, but powders, and the doctor prescribed the composition of the powder, and the word “recipe” meant the same as for cooks: “recipe”, not just dishes, but powder or potions. In the case of a medical error, the prescription served as a justification document for the pharmacist.

In the second half of the twentieth century, a legislative ban on narcotic drugs spread around the world - and a medical prescription has acquired another function: state control over substances that can be used to produce drugs. In the modern world, with its commercial medicine, prescriptions, unfortunately, have acquired a third function: to prevent the patient from receiving the medicine he knows without a preliminary visit to the doctor.

The number of drugs that cannot be bought without a prescription is increasing from year to year. It’s still possible to get aspirin without a prescription, but, for example, codeine (a favorite headache for the generation of our grandmothers and even great-grandmothers) has not been possible since last year: it’s supposedly possible to produce a drug from it, unless, of course, you have it at home in the closet is a small pharmaceutical factory. Sildenafil is halfway through. When it is sold under the Viagra brand, you need a prescription to buy it.

When it is sold in packaging with the inscription “Sildigra” or packaged in the form of a factory generic - Pfiagra, Eregra and others - the recipe is not needed yet: manufacturers have the opportunity to legally bypass the administrative slingshot. (By the way, in the name “Pfiagra” it is easy to notice a piece of the original brand, and with it the peculiar bookplate of the Viagra-developing company, “Pfitser.” The meaning of the name “Eregra” does not need to be clarified.) Thus, if you are looking for how to buy Viagra without a prescription, this opportunity is.

In the online pharmacy you need to look for generics of Viagra. Two standard generics (labeled "Pfiagra", "Eregra", "Sildigra") - this is a classic Viagra as such, under a different brand. Its other varieties (Fildena, Vectra, and several others) allow you to use the tablet simultaneously with alcohol, fatty foods, etc.